Make Me a Song Cast Recording CD

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This original cast recording double-disc set includes all the music from the show, as well as liner notes packed with full-color production photos and printed lyrics.

Off-Broadway Opening: November 12, 2007
Music: William Finn
Lyrics: William Finn
Conceiver: Rob Ruggiero

Track Listing:
Disc 1: Mister, Make Me a Song * Heart and Music * Hitchhiking Across America * Republicans Part One * Billy's Law-of-Genetics * Passover * Only One * Republicans Part Two * I'd Rather Be Sailing / Set Those Sails *Change * Have Found * Republicans Part Three * You're Even Better Than You Think You Are * The Falsettos Suite: Falsettoland, Four Jews in a Room Bitching / Tight Knit Family / Love is Blind / My Father's a Homo, Trina's Song / March of the Falsettos / Year of the Child / The Baseball Game / Unlikely Lovers
Disc 2: All Fall Down * Republicans Part Four * Stupid Things I Won't Do * That's Enough for Me * I Went Fishing with My Dad * When the Earth Stopped Turning * Anytime (I Am There) * Song of Innocence and Experience * Finale * Make Me a Song