The Frogs Cast Recording CD

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Available now, the original Broadway cast recording of the Lincoln Center Theater production of The Frogs. As first adapted by Stephen Sondheim and Burt Shevelove from Aristophanes' ancient comedy, The Frogs received its world premiere at the Yale University swimming pool in 1974 as a one-act musical. Now Sondheim and librettist Nathan Lane (who also heads the cast of twenty-eight actors, singers and dancers) have shaped it into a full-length Broadway production, complete with six new Sondheim songs (plus a host of new lyrics to the old ones). This original Broadway cast recording of The Frogs boasts nineteen tracks, plus a 48-page full-color booklet.

Broadway Opening: July 22, 2004
Music: Stephen Sondheim
Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim
Book: Burt Shevelove, Nathan Lane

Track Listing: Opening Fanfare * Invocation and Instructions to the Audience * “We are off on a great mission.” * I Love to Travel Dress Big * I Love to Travel (reprise) * All Aboard * On the River Styx * Ariadne * The Frogs * Hymn to Dionysos * Hades * It's Only a Play * Shaw * The Contest * Fear No More * All Aboard (reprise) * Hymn to Dionysos (reprise) * Final Instructions to the Audience