Grey Gardens Cast Recording CD

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This original cast recording includes all the music from the show, as well as liner notes packed with full-color production photos and printed lyrics. This item may require additional shipping time due to availability.

Broadway Opening Night: November 2, 2006
Music: Scott Frankel
Lyrics: Michael Korie
Book: Doug Wright

Track Listing: Toyland * The Five-Fifteen * Body Beautiful Beale * Mother, Darling * Better Fall Out of Love * Being Bouvier * Hominy Grits * Peas in a Pod * Drift Away * The Five-Fifteen (Reprise)/Miss Porter’s Anthem * Tomorrow’s Woman * Daddy’s Girl * Will You? * The Revolutionary Costume for Today * The Cake I Had * Entering Grey Gardens * The House We Live In * Jerry Likes My Corn * Around the World * Choose to Be Happy * Around the World (Reprise) * Another Winter in a Summer Town * Peas in a Pod (Reprise)