Were the World Mine CD

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This original motion picture soundtrack tells the story of a moving musical comedy of errors that expands the boundaries of modern gay cinema and musical film. This item may require additional shipping time due to availability.

Music: Jessica Fogle, Tim Sandusky
Lyrics: Cory James Krueckeberg, William Shakespeare

Track Listing: Dodgeball Daydream * Oh Timothy * Awaken and Empower What's Within *. Pity * Let's Sing * Audition/Be As Thou Wast Wont * Rugby Fight * He's Gay * Unite Rhythm With Words * Cupid's Love Juice * Were the World Mine * Pansy Theme, Max * Pansy Attack * Pansy Theme, Jonathon * March of the Fairies * Pansy Theme, Nora * Pansy Theme, Frankie * The Course of True Love * The Play Must Go On * All Things Shall Be Peace * Midsummer Lovers * Sleep Sound * Pyramus and Thisby * Give Me Your Hands * To Speak True