You're a Good Man... Cast Recording CD

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This original Off-Broadway cast recording includes all the music from the show, as well as liner notes packed with full-color production photos and printed lyrics. This item may require additional shipping time due to availability.

Off-Broadway Opening: March 7, 1967
Music: Clark Gesner
Book: John Gordon, Clark Gesner
Lyrics: Clark Gesner

Track Listing: You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown * Schroeder (Moonlight Sonata) * Snoopy * My Blanket and Me * The Kite * Dr. Lucy * Book Report * The Red Baron * T-E-A-M (The Baseball Game) * Queen Lucy * Peanuts Potpourri * Little Known Facts * Suppertime * Happiness * You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (bonus track) * The Doctor Is In (Bonus Track) * My Blanket & Me (Bonus Track) * The Kite (Bonus Track)