Far From Heaven Cast Recording CD

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This original cast recording includes all the music from the show, as well as liner notes packed with full-color production photos and printed lyrics. Features Kelli O'Hara and Steven Pasquale.

Music: Scott Frankel
Lyrics: Michael Korie

Track Listing: Prologue * Autumn in Connecticut * Once Upon a Time * If It Hadn't Been * Table Talk * Mrs. Magnatech * Mrs. Magnatech (Reprise) * Office Talk * Evening Stroll * Marital Bliss * Sun and Shade *Table Talk II * Autumn In Connecticut (Reprise) * Secrets If It Hadn't Been (Reprise) * Interesting * Miró * Once a Year Secrets (Reprise) * Cathy, I'm Your Friend * The Only One * Phone Talk * If It Hadn't Been (Reprise) * Table Talk III * Wandering Eyes * Secrets (Reprise) * I Never Knew * Cathy, I'm Your Friend (Reprise) * Tuesdays, Thursdays * Table Talk IV * A Picture in Your Mind * Heaven Knows / Act II Finale