Violet Cast Recording CD

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The original Broadway cast recording of Violet, featuring Sutton Foster. This deluxe 2-disc set features all your favorite songs from Jeanine Tesori's rich score.

Track listing: Water in the Well * Surprised * On My Way * M&M's * Luck of the Draw * Question 'n' Answer * "It was my mama's..." * All to Pieces * Water in the Well (Reprise) * A Healing Touch * "I saw you writing in that book again..." * Let It Sing * "There's your first miracle..." * Anyone Would Do * Who'll Be the One (If Not Me) * Last Time I Came to Memphis * Go to It * Lonely Stranger * Lay Down Your Head * Anyone Would Do (Reprise) * Hard to Say Goodbye * "Little girl got it all figured out..." * Promise Me, Violet * Raise Me Up * Down the Mountain * In the Chapel * Raise Me Up (Reprise) * Look at Me * "Don't try to quote to me..." * That's What I Could Do * "I want to bless you..." * Surprised (Reprise) * "I tried to tell you..." * Promise Me, Violet (Reprise) * Bring Me to Light